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Caffeine in lane one, exercise in lane two and the race to invigoration is on! Many of us searching for an afternoon energy boost look to a caffeinated soda but you can save on the sugar, save 75 cents (or more) and get the boost you seek simply by taking the stairs.

University of Georgia researchers discovered that 10 minutes of walking up and down stairs at just a regular pace was more likely to make participants feel energized than ingesting 50 milligrams of caffeine-- about the equivalent to the amount in a can of soda.

Researchers checked responses from study participants –some who got caffeine and some who got placebos—and they found there really wasn’t much of a difference in how they felt.  But those who did the burst of exercise reported they did feel more energetic and vigorous.

The effects were short term but greater in impact than 50 milligrams of caffeine. (Daily Mail)

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