Every day KIT's Morning News Host Lance Tormey takes a hike! Sometimes I tell him to take a hike in good jest, but he takes one anyway! A couple of miles every morning and more throughout the day on his time off. Lance is walking for exercise, good health and to maintain his conditioning for his skiing obsession ...er ... hobby.

We all walk to some degree, though few of us walk to Lance's extent. But rest assured, the good folks at Women's Health Magazine tell us walking can be legitimate exercise "IF."
Personal trainer Doug Skylar says yes, "IF" you walk at an appropriate intensity. There are a number of factors that factor into the resulting intensity -- things such as your weight, metabolism, speed and the incline all matter when it comes to how many calories walking will burn.
The experts say you're looking at burning about 100 calories per mile if you're moving at a brisk pace. If you want to burn even more calories you can try walking up stairs or on a stair climber at a gym.
The healthy conclusion: if you're not as fit as you'd like to be, walking can really help.

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