Car tab fees have never been very popular, but Yakima City Manager Tony O'Rourke believes now may be the time to ask voters for the fee to pay for city street repairs. The city council will talk about putting the issue in front of voters during a study session this morning. O'Rourke says if the council votes to put the issue on the ballot voters may see it in March or April and it could ask voters for up to a $40 increase.

By asking for $40 O'Rourke says the city could double the work. Yakima has 802 miles of road falling below city standards. Coming up with the $600 million for repairs will not be easy. City council members hope a $5 million bond for road improvements will help. If the council decides on the car tab issue the rest will be up to voters. The council meets at 10 this morning at city hall for the study session.