One day in the near future a lot of local veterans who are homeless will get a lot of help in Yakima. Lawmakers are trying to secure the last of the remaining money for the $17 million project to turn the former Marine Corps Armory on Tahoma Avenue into a homeless center for veterans and their families.  Lowell Kruger with the Yakima Housing Authority says they just want to help those who've given to this country. ""We have individuals that have given to this country that are suffering and we want to be able to utilize this facility that many of our veterans know and turn it into something that really serves them the way they deserve to be treated."
Along with housing the center will include a host of services to help the veterans. State Reps. Jeremie Dufault and Chris Corry are seeking $2.55 million from the state’s capital budget to help complete funding for the $17 million project. If all the money is secured Kruger says they hope to start construction in June and be open in 2020.

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