If social media comments are any indication-and they are, to a point, virtually NONE of KIT's listeners and fans are fans of the latest attempt by a some members of the Yakima City Council to lock in some kind of "officia"l immigration support language into place in city verbiage and documentation.

The latest is a draft resolution for a public safety ordinance entitled "Inclusive Policing Policy".   What once was to be a simple ceremony acknowledging the status quo has morphed into something quite different and open ended.

To some it represents the never ending push by those who favor illegal immigration to change the face and official stance of Yakima. I share those concerns.

Will Yakima be rolled over by an ACLU created minority council trio or will enough people care enough to fight for the rule of law and common sense.  Where do you stand?

Would you sign a petition and donate a couple of bucks to put a measure one the city ballot mandating the City Charter require Yakima never to be any kind of sanctuary city and to comply with Federal immigration efforts when appropriate to prisoners already in custody.

Let us know, let your neighbors know.  We'll meet you tomorrow at 6:15 on 1280 KIT. 972-5481.  Let's talk.

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