Recently, I posted an article filled with ranting and raving about how much I pay for vehicle license tabs in Washington State.

While I'm still peeved, piqued, and miffed about it - my friend in Portland, Oregon had a sharp rebuke of my whining and backed it up with some hard cold facts that make my license tab woes seem like a drop in the bucket. Oregon - you're paying too much!

Do You Have to Register Your Car in Oregon?

Yes, you must register your car, just like Washington and every other state including Oregon require that a vehicle be registered by a resident before it can be legally driven.

Having a vehicle registered helps to keep a running record. This is beneficial when one goes to sell the vehicle and it’s also one of the ways that we the people can contribute to transportation costs in the state by way of paying some of those lovely fees.

How To Get Tabs and New Registration in Oregon?

It's easy to just go online and purchase everything required by Oregon law. There are numerous in-person options available too.

One thing I found curious about the fees associated with Oregon license and registration, it seems that the more fuel-efficient your vehicle is, the more you'll pay. The most 'green' vehicle costs the most in the way of fees. Why? That's a question for your legislators. I'm just happy with my comparatively low costs here in Washington. Yes, we have a sales tax, but no state income tax. Check out the information from below.

Registration Fee Chart for Passenger Vehicles in Oregon

Here's fee information from the Oregon Department of Transportation:

Oregon DOT
Oregon DOT

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