Have you heard of Veganuary?  It is what is sounds like. The idea is to take the month of January to try a vegan diet.  It's apparently a big deal across the pond.  Since the event began in 2014 participation has reportedly more than doubled each year.  Signups for the 2019 event were reported to be as many as 14,000 per day from 193 countries.

In fact, it's a growing phenomenon to the point where nutrition pros are concerned about vegans not getting enough Vitamin B12. Headlines in the Daily Mail warn of certain permanent health problems occurring without the important nutrient .

A nutrition professor from the U.K. says those following a plant-based diet should really be taking vitamin B12 in order to prevent the onset of peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy is serious and debilitating. The irreversible condition develops when nerves get damaged, and causes a permanent numbness or the feeling of "pins and needles."

So what are vegans missing?  Milk.  Milk does a body good, remember?  Most people get vitamin B12 from cow's milk, but plant-based milk substitutes don't contain enough of the vitamin to protect people from becoming deficient.  So if you can't wash down that salad with a cold glass of milk, make sure to pop a few B12's with carrot juice or whatever is on the safe list.  Bon appetite!






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