Elf on the Shelf.  So much fun at Christmas and it has its place as parenting leverage to help keep the kids in line.  But is it so nice we should do it twice?

The decision has been made--so say hello to the Peep on a Perch!

Delish reports that it came out last February, and has been popping up again this year as Easter approaches. "The Peeps' toy set comes with a storybook meant to inspire good behavior in children and a plush toy that is said to watch over them, and serve as a reminder to behave well. Also, the Peep doesn't have to be moved around and posed each day. So far, parents note in reviews that the Peep is meant to be played with, which younger kids enjoy."

In case you didn't know - Introduced 66 years ago, Peeps are marshmallow candies sold in the United States and Canada that are shaped into chicks, bunnies, and other animals.

Easter Sunday this year is April 21st.



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