CITY OF UNION GAP NEWS RELEASE -- The Union Gap Library will close on Friday, December 14, to make way for the construction of new municipal buildings in the City of Union Gap. Recent findings of toxic mold in City office buildings have forced Union Gap to take this drastic action.  The City of Union Gap has chosen not to continue their longstanding contract with Yakima Valley Libraries.

“This is a sad occasion for our customers and our staff,” said Kim Hixson, Director of Yakima Valley Libraries. “The Library has been a fixture in Union Gap for over sixty years. But circumstances have forced the City to move ahead with the demolition. Our agreement with the City is that we complete our portion of this process by December 31.”

The Union Gap Library will have new hours beginning December 1, 2012. The Library will be open for business Monday through Friday, from 10:00am to 5:00pm daily. The last day of business for the library will be Friday, December 14. Following this closure, library staff will begin the removal of library materials and furniture from the facility.

“Our commitment is to make this transition as seamless as possible for the residents of Union Gap,” says Hixson. “We will work with the affected library customers to insure that they have access to other facilities of their choice within the Yakima Valley Libraries system. We look forward to a continuing relationship with the City and will work with them to meet our mutual goal of serving the citizens of Union Gap.”