Two Yakima Police Officers are recovering at a Yakima hospital after being run over by the driver of a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of the East Yakima Walmart on Tuesday. The officers were called to the store at about 2:25 p.m. about a vehicle that had been stolen in a robbery in the lower valley earlier this week. The officers found the vehicle with two suspects inside. The officers tried to talk to the suspects but they immediately fled the scene and drove over the officers. One of the officers fired at the vehicle but no one was injured.
Police chased the suspect vehicle into Terrace Heights where the suspects crashed. The suspects were immediately arrested and had minor injuries.
The officers, only identified as two YPD Sergeants are expected to recover. One officer suffered a broken ankle but it's not clear what injuries the other officer sustained. Authorities say both had tire marks over the top of their jumpsuits. The two suspects are being held in the Yakima County jail. The Yakima Valley Special Investigative Unit is now investigating the incident.

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