Donald Trump message to rural Western Florida farmers yesterday was was a popular one, especially when he explained that he was their best chance of stopping over regulation of the EPA. He assured the farmers that despite the media’s attempt to sabotage his campaign he was winning. He expressed his anger over to the Waters of the US (which is now tied up in court) that attempts to restrict land use when even the smallest streams. He said his opposition to WOTUS was is spelled out in detail on his website. Trump also said he wants to scrap the EPA the clean power plan which is estimated to cost 7.2 Billion dollars each year.

From Bloomberg, Dupont is planning to sell a business making herbicides to help reduce potential antitrust sticking points to a $59 billion merger with it’s competitor Dow Chemical CoDupont has hired an advisor for the sale which is expected to generate several hundred million dollars, said the people, who asked not to be identified because details are private. DuPont is also considering the disposal of insecticide and seeds units that might be an obstacle to the deal going ahead, they said.

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