Japan’s Prime Minister says Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations are one round of talks away from an agreement. Shinzo Abe said one more round of ministerial talks would lead to an agreement on remaining issues. Japan also plans to meet negotiators from Canada and Mexico. TPP negotiations were thought to be near completion just over a month ago, but the talks stalled on a few critical issues such as dairy market access to Canada. The Japan times reports the minister in charge of Japan’s TPP effort has expressed hope that the next ministerial meeting will be held before the end of September.

The National Agriculture Statistics Service now says it will release the 2014 Organic Survey Report next week. NASS was scheduled to release the survey at the end of August but delayed the release. The 2014 Organic Survey is a complete inventory of all known organic producers in the United States that are certified, exempt from certification and producers transitioning to organic production. The study will provide objective information to help determine the economic impact of organic production at the national and state levels.

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