In just five years, Trevor Greene has changed the landscape at Toppenish High.

He's credited with adding 27 engineering and biomedical classes.
State science scores are up by more than two thirds. And teachers say students treat each other better under his lead.

"He doesn't see himself above others, he sees himself just as one of us and so he's able to deal with our problems and if you have any concerns he understands more," said Maria Zuniga, a Toppenish Senior.

"He just makes the school really a great place for us all and especially me, I come to school every day and I love it," said Student Body President, Jose Gonzalez.

Thursday morning was supposed to be just another day.

However Greene had no idea what the occasion was as he walked into a gym packed with students and honored guests.

Greene made his way through the crowd. At the front, he was surprised to be named Principal of the Year by the National Association of Secondary Principals.

The man who oversees public schools statewide wanted to make sure students appreciated the honor.

"Your principal is the number one, the best, out of every high school principal in the nation," said Randy Dorn, Washington State Public Instruction Superintendent.

"If your principal is the number one principal in the United States of America, that makes you students up there the number one high school students in the nation," said Denise Wilkerson, N.A.S.S.P. President.

Greene beat out hundreds of other well-deserving candidates.
He had no speech prepared, but made sure to acknowledge everyone who helped him, especially his assistant principal.

Greene even asked photographers to publish a picture that included the student body -- not just him.

"I'm just grateful that I landed in a place that feels like home and it feels like everybody is working toward a common goal, because, believe it or not, there are places out there where that doesn't happen and so for that, I thank you," Greene said.

And the community thanks you, Principal Greene.

Thanks to KIMA/Matt Finn for the story.