Fall starts next Friday which begs the question – did you take a Summer Vacation and did you take one that was of sufficient duration?

In other words was it long enough to do the most good? And just how long is that anyway?

New research shows that you need at least eight days to really unwind, relax and refresh. The study found that when you go on vacation, your feelings of happiness and well-being increase right away and then peak on the eighth day, which the researchers suggest is how long it takes to forget about work and let go of responsibilities and stress.

Interestingly the study also found that enjoyment slowly fades after that until the 11th day, when you're likely to have a big drop-off, perhaps because of some homesickness or boredom. (Speak for Yourself!)

So party planners, the study suggest booking a vacation in the range of seven to 11 days, and to try to make the eighth day the most relaxing to get its maximum benefits.

And here’s why you need to make the most of it - because no matter how long your vacation lasts the happiness boost doesn't last long.

Lifehacker reports that glow of relaxed happiness fades away after just one day back at work. (Lifehacker)

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