At the time of this post it's T-minus-12-hours til Mother's Day!   There's no way we can every repay mom for all she's done and continues to do.  So what can you get for someone who gave us everything?  I topped out at clay ashtray with my hand imprint. Thankfully there are a couple of sources with a male and female perspective

Redbook magazine's list of what Moms really want for Mother's Day:
10. A 24-hour ban on the word, "Mom"
9. An album made of all the photos floating around
8. Really good chocolate
7. A day of beauty at the salon
6. Popcorn in bed in the afternoon with a movie
5. Fresh flowers for every room in the house
4. An afternoon at the movies alone
3. To have the house to myself all day
2. To have breakfast lunch and dinner cooked for me
1. To stay up late and sleep late --without interruption
Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas (
10. Home Spa Products
9. Heart Pendant
8. Home Décor
7. Perfume
6. "Waterlilies" by CLAUDE MONET
5. Gift Basket
4. Flowers
3. Massage & Spa Treatment
2. Watch
1. Diamond Earrings

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