It's been a busy week for Washington State Initiative guru Tim Eyman.  First he officially filed to run for governor.  Now he is asking us all to join him in an act of civil disobedience.

In one of his many recent email alerts he is encouraging everyone to REFUSE to renew your vehicle tabs if your bill includes taxes and fees that were specifically targeted by I-976.

" It is absolutely critical that the people of Washington state, regardless of how they voted, not pay taxes and fees that the voters voted to get rid of.

The voters have 3 times approved these vehicle-cost-saving-initiatives and it is tyranny for Seattle's government to sue the voters because the voters didn't obey their masters. 60% of voters in the 38 counties outside King County voted for I-976."

Eyman says an atypically high Seattle voter turnout Seattle skewed the vote totals making it seem closer than it was....1,054,546 voted yes and 936,023 voted no on I-976.

Eyman reminds us that failure to renew your vehicle tabs is not a crime. "t's a non-moving violation. It's basically like a parking ticket. The odds of you out of millions vehicle owners getting pulled over for expired tabs is slim. If you do get pulled over, tell them that not renewing your tabs is our Boston Tea Party and ask them to give you a warning. If you're cited, then don't pay it, appeal it. Let's clog up traffic courts all across Washington with heroic, patriotic citizens who will tell the court that you are standing up for democracy. Invite me to your hearing and I will stand with you and for you."

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