It's doubtful for you to spot a tiger in the wild of the Yakima Valley, well anywhere in Washington really. However, if you want an up close and personal experience with a tiger, there are plenty of places in Washington where you can do that.

No, we're not talking about Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin-like zoos, we're talking about wildlife preservation in Washington state. Check out the list below and set a date to go have some family fun or a date night seeing the tigers.

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4.) Cougar Mountain Zoo / in Issaquah 

Its mission is to conserve and teach the public about wildlife such as tigers, lions, cougars, and any other big cats. They maintain a healthy and happy living situation for all of their animals, helping them maintain a healthy diet and exercise to live their best tiger lives.

3.) Cat Tales Wildlife Center / in Mead

Cat Tales is a great place doing all it can in the fight to preserve these precious animals, tigers are not one for scorching weather, so when a heat advisory is going on they're more likely to stay hidden or in the shade. They actually have tips and tricks to find the best days to go so you can see everything they have to offer.

2.) Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium / in Tacoma

The zoo is found near the water in Tacoma, point defiance zoo has been doing all it can even through times of covid to keep their animals happy and healthy. They even have a weekend out of the year where they celebrate everything tigers and offer you a chance to get up close and watch how they interact with their trainers and each other.

1.) Woodland Park Zoo / in Seattle

Every purchase of a ticket goes to helping fun take care of and help preserve animal life including rehabilitating animals and sending them back out into the wild. Located in Seattle it's a perfect spot to enjoy the day and see plenty of animals all around the park of course including their tigers.


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