Whether you're an enthusiast of Maklamore, a hipster who loves good deals, or someone looking to redo their wardrobe on a budget, thrift shops have some pretty huge scores with clothing you won't easily find at other stores.

Not many people go thrifting as much as they used to, but maybe with this article, we can change that. You can save money and get some new threads that people will go crazy about. So we looked into the top 3 thrift shops in all of Yakima to give you an idea of where to go!

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3.) GoodWill

Good Will is the perfect place to start your thrifting journey, located at 3710 Tieton Drive. Good Will has been around quite some time, they've been the go-to spot if you're looking for thrifted clothes, items, or just household stuff. Have too many things lying around the house? You can also donate clothing and more here.

2.) Salvation Army

Located at 9 S 6th Ave you can make a quick trip here and check out everything they have to offer, tho they also sell clothes they'll have a whole different selection from Goodwill so you can really really start hunting when you're here. They also have other things than just clothes including plenty of household items at a discount.

1.) Mission Thrift

Considered to have some of the best pricing and, options you can spend a good amount of time here. These donations come right here from the Yakima Valley and offer you a chance to find your own personal treasure that someone threw out. Clothes, household items, and a whole lot more are offered here. You can stop in today, their address is 2011 w lincoln ave.

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