More doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are being delivered to the Yakima Valley and thousands of people have been vaccinated in Yakima. But there's still not enough vaccine to open a mass vaccination site at State Fair Park. However officials say the site is ready and will open when the vaccine is available.
Meanwhile Officials with the Yakima Health District say as of January 26, 11,082 people have received the first dose of the vaccine. Of those people 1,988 have also had the second shot.
But a lot more people are eligible for the shots. It's estimated 40,000 people in Yakima are currently eligible as part of Phase a and Phase B Tier 1. Because of that large number of people that can get the vaccine health officials say it's likely that Yakima and possibly the entire state will remain in Phase B Tier 1 until sometime this spring. That means the current restrictions that have closed many businesses will remain in place for months ahead.
Yakima health officials say across the Yakima Valley there's been a big increase in people having access to the vaccine even though many say they're frustrated because they can't find a place to make an appointment.
Health officials say make sure you are eligible for the vaccine by answering questions at If you qualify health officials say identify a location near you that's distributing the vaccine and then contact the location to make an appointment. Some of the places may have shortages of the vaccine and health officials are asking everyone to be patient and continue to make the effort to find an appointment.

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