Shopping for essentials in a time of coronavirus is controversial, to say the least. How much, what kind, at what price, etc. Questions we never gave a second thought to a few weeks ago now dominate our conversations.

Rachel Pugh is the shopping editor of the U.K.’s Manchester Evening News and she has been giving the subject plenty of consideration. She has four questions to ask yourself.
As reported in the Mirror, Pugh says you should only consider:
  1. Is it urgent?
  2. Will it significantly impact my quality of life or risk my health and well-being if I don’t have it?
  3. Is it available online?
  4. Will I be putting others at risk by going to buy it?
As far as cart size goes, Pugh says you should try to get everything you need for the week in one grocery trip — so make a meal plan beforehand. It can also be handy to make note of ingredient substitutions before heading out in case some things are unavailable.
And keep in mind there are many restaurants and businesses offering free delivery right now, so there's no need to leave your house just because you have a hankering for pizza or some other food specialty.
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