It will be a while before officials can total up the damages from Hurricane Harvey as the record setting rain continues to fall and water is now poring over the tops of levies on Houston’s north side.

Hundreds of thousands of area residents are affected and for many, it’s not their first bad weather rodeo.  For a number of Houstonites it seems all too familiar - since they first moved to Houston following Hurricane Katrina.

It was 12 years ago today that Katrina roared ashore near New Orleans as a Category 4 storm. More than 1,400 were killed.  New Orleans was devastated with 80 percent of the city underwater when some of the levees broke.

Katrina also caused great damage along the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama, as well as other parts of Louisiana, becoming the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.

Forecasters say Louisiana needs to brace for a monster once again as tornadoes, flooding and 20 inches of rain or more seem to be headed East.

Caution: video contains some storm inspired bad language!


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