Probably the biggest trial in my 35 years covering news was the murder trial of Orenthal James (O.J.) Simpson.  25 years ago today, O.J.'s wife Nicole Brown Simpson and a friend, Ronald Goldman, were brutally murdered outside her house in Brentwood, CA on this day in 1994.

Nicole and O.J. met when she was an 18 year old waitress in 1977.  They were married 8 years later, had two kids but divorced 7 years after that in October of 1992.  The nature of their relationship was laid bare during the murder trial when we learned of Simpson's jealousy, violence and abuse of his wife.

O.J. was ultimately acquitted of the murders in his criminal trial which mesmerized the country, but he was later found guilty in a civil trial and ordered to pay punitive damages of 25-million dollars.




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