It won’t be long before the college kids will be home for Thanksgiving break and they’ll gather with all the relatives for the big meal.

Conversation about school will follow.  How’s it going? Hitting the books? What are you studying?  And it is THAT last question that could significantly alter the rest of the conversation.  Why?

The Business Insider is reporting that career site Zippia used U.S. Census data to find out what the unemployment rate was for people ages 22 to 25 in various fields, and found out which college majors had the highest rate of unemployment.

Uncle Walter is sure to tell your kids if he thinks they have chosen the wrong path.  You just want your kids to be happy, but it would nice if they could make a decent living as well.  Take a look at that transcript.  Are your kids majoring in any of these?  If they are, don’t change out their room just yet!

The top 11 majors with the highest unemployment rates were:

  1. Composition and Rhetoric -- 17.54%
  2. Environmental Science -- 11.79%
  3. Anthropology and Archaeology -- 11.76%
  4. Drama And Theater Arts -- 11.42%
  5. Film, Video, and Photographic Arts -- 11.24%
  6. Mass Media -- 10.92%
  7. Fine Arts -- 10.90%
  8. Area Ethnic and Civilization Studies -- 10.84%
  9. Intercultural and International Studies -- 9.93%
  10. Communication Technologies -- 9.40%
  11. Biology -- 8.76%

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