I'm sure you've heard it around, "everyone is hiring."

It might not be a 100% true statement but that shouldn't be the reason you haven't applied. Don't wait until you hear someone say they are hiring. Go for it.

Where to Start

What do you want to do? Is there somewhere you've always wanted to work?

The Age Thing

Age does play a factor in the amount of availability for the 15 and 16 year-olds but no matter what position you apply for, you're going to need a resume with the basics.

What Should Be on My Resume?

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail (Ipoop@...) Create a Professional one that's just for jobs (IMPORTANT)
  • Qualifications: Give specific examples of experience useful for the job you're applying for

Full Stop

Find the business's website and most will have a section specifically for careers. Apply, apply, apply. Better to have too many options than none and if you just apply for one job, you are not doing it right.

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Who is Hiring?

Prosser Memorial Hospital 

Currently hiring in three fields; Nursing, Echo and Ultra Sound Techs, Respiratory Therapist

Cub Crafters Inc.

Numerous positions all over the factory are available

Tree Top

10 positions in Selah and 20 more beyond in Washington State


Housekeeping and more

Farwest Fabrication

Located in Moxee they are looking for welders, brake operators, and many other positions

Crunch Pack

Located in Selah they are looking for swing shifts, general labor, and forklift positions

Wolves Costruction LLC

There is an opening for a construction laborer and it's full-time. You can call 509 930-7389


Straight to Usps.com

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