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To me there are really only two kinds of wine.  Chilled and room temperature....or was it corked and uncorked, I forget.  But you get the idea,  Many people really don't differentiate - But some folks do.

An article in Delish reveals people who prefer red wine think they know more about wine than those who prefer white wine.

Coravin, is a company that makes a wine preservation opener and as part of their market research they polled 2,000 Americans who drink an average of four glasses of wine per week.  They found people who prefer red wine over white wine are 14 percent more likely to call themselves a "wine aficionado."

Maybe they have earned the right because the same research also revealed red wine drinkers were more knowledgeable when asked follow up questions about wine.

This wine drinker profile is quite interesting.  See if it lines up with the wine drinkers in your life

White wine drinkers:                                                                                                    were more likely to be night owl, cat-owning extroverts who identify as "curious, sarcastic perfectionists", spending an average of $37 per bottle.

Red wine drinkers:                                                                                                       were more likely to be early birds, dog-owning introverts, spending an average of $40 per bottle

Red or White, the Yakima Valley has a wine just for you!



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