The Yakima Valley's hops and craft beer industries are big business so it's interesting to learn more about the earliest days of brewing .  Turns  out the earliest days were really really early!

So could this be the original "man-cave"?

Researchers from the U.S. and Israeli have discovered the world’s oldest brewery in an Israeli cave. Scientists studied three 13,000 year-old stone mortars uncovered in the Raqefet Cave near what is now the Israeli city of Haifa.  Residues confirmed that the mortars were used for brewing of wheat and barley.

The Bible tells a story of Jesus turning water into wine, but apparently when it came to making beer, the Jewish guys said, "we got this"!

Archeologists say the find represents the oldest record of man-made alcohol in the world. This discovery indicates that making alcohol was not necessarily a result of surplus agricultural production, but it was developed for ritual and spiritual purposes prior to agriculture.

Fox News reports the beer findings could be from 11,700 to 13,700 years ago. (Fox News)

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