Because I am an easy touch for my 10 year old daughter (the Gator) I am the frustrated owner of a pair of teenage acting sister kittens.  They get into everything, don't take no for an answer and have discovered the "tree".

Great, maybe they'll stay off the counters...but i don't want them climbing the Christmas Tree either, so what to do?

They say "curiosity killed the cat" and I am totally down with that.  Call me MR. CURIOSITY!  But in the St. Nick of time, Pet MD has put together a list of suggestions based on how to keep both cats and Christmas trees safe during the holiday season.


"You can try to spray a diluted vinegar solution onto the base of the tree, or apply hot sauce or camphor—all of which are distasteful to cats.....

There are also some commercial cat deterrent spray products that are made specifically for the purpose of repelling cats. Keep in mind, however, that the problem with using sprays and solutions is that the repellent scent will eventually fade and will need to be reapplied regularly. Otherwise, your cat will become accustomed to the scent and will overcome her aversion to the product.....

.Motion-detection devices that make noise can be very effective at keeping your cat away from the tree while you are not in the room, although some cats will acclimate to the noise and explore the tree anyway. Cats are such particular, individual animals that no single plan will work for every cat."



Pet MD readers have additional ideas like boundaries or barricades, allowing cat acclimation time before decorating, cat proofing the tree stand, turning lights off at night and more. Check out the article here and maybe just maybe consider the worst case scenario of...The Cat Proof Tree!





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