Admittedly this is not our usual kinda topic, but then we do talk science and medicine and relationships so here we go.

According to a breakthrough at the University of Michigan, women's libido can be 'turned on' by having their ankles zapped.

Electronic stimulation is a proven technique used in physical therapy to stimulate muscles that haven't been used due to recovery form injury.  I didn't quite imagine this connection.

The DailyMail is reporting on research showing that as women get older, their sex drive decreases, leading to female sexual disfunction (FSD).

In the small scale experiment a number of women with the disorder were tested after the treatment was shown to work on mice. When the humans' had twelve 30-minute sessions every week, getting a zap near their tibial nerves on one ankle most of the women were found to have a heightened sex drive.

A number of the women said they had an easier time getting turned on and had a better sexual experience because of it.

Well, electricity DID jump start the bride of Frankenstein, right? How did that work out?  not so good as I recall!

Have a great weekend!

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