Let's face it, nobody has an average mom.  Everyone's mother is special and wonderful in her own way--so Happy Mother's Day to all of them!     BUT, when looking  at moms as a collective population through the lens of the U.S. Census Bureau, some interesting facts emerge.

The "average" mom has two kids in her lifetime and she's waiting longer to have them. The average age of a new mother is now 25, rising nearly four years since 1970. The exception today is Utah and Alaska, where women have an average of three children.

10 percent of the women in the U-S have four or more children, down from 1976 when 36 percent of U-S women had four or more children.

You would think that August would be the month for Mother's Day instead of May, since August is the most popular month in which to have a baby in 10 of the last sixteen years - over 380-thousand and that's a lot of little Leo's out there!

Besides being mom's pride and joy, junior is key to the pocketbook.  According to the   Marketing to Moms Coalition, Moms represent the most powerful consumer group in the U-S, controlling 85% of household spending and estimated to be worth $2.1 trillion.


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