The smile of a champion!  Four time Ultimate Fighter Champion Royce Gracie proves it's best to choose the Gracie family moves!

If you have ever watched any mixed martial arts contest you have no doubt heard of the famous Gracie family of Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners.  In fact, look up Brazilian jiu-jitsu in wikipedia and you will see , "Brazilian jiu-jitsu eventually came to be its own art through the experiments, practices, and adaptation of judo through Carlos and Helio Gracie who passed their knowledge on to their extended family.

Some those extended family members now lives in Yakima .  Sisters Kauan Gracie and Kaulin Gracie Snyder are excited to announce the grand opening of their new studio this Saturday June 3rd at 4pm. Gracie North is located at 2706 Nob Hill Blvd. Suite 100  in the southern end of the former Red Robin restaurant.


The sport is fascinating for a couple of reasons.

Back to wikipedia -"BJJ promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant by using proper technique, leverage, and most notably, taking the fight to the ground".

So for self-defense it is a great equalizer but it's more than that, offering much additional value to non-combatants!

"Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: it is not solely a martial art, but it is also a sport; a method for promoting physical fitness and building character in young people and ultimately, a way of life."

The Gracie gals say they are particularly excited to teach kids.  They told our KIT audience this morning that through play and fun dance like movement kids learn basic stances and muscle memories and defensive reactions while having a great time.  As they say, Gracie jiu-jitsu provides fitness and confidence building for all members of the family.

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