I've started watching this trippy TV series on Netflix called "The Sniffer".  It's a Russian/Ukrainian endeavor that tells the story of man with a super sensitive sense of smell.  He uses it like a bloodhound in his daily life and particularly to help his special agent pal solve crimes.

It's far fetched but fun, different and maybe even predictive of just how important a sense of smell can be?  Important - as in predicting an early death? For real? For real.

Here's what we know from UPI.

One of your five senses might be more predictive of your impending doom than the other four.  According to a study published  in the Annals of Internal Medicine, scientists found older adults with a poor sense of smell had a near 50 percent higher risk of dying within ten years and a 30 percent had a higher risk of death after 13 years.

Researchers say the olfactory nerve (sniffer) is directly exposed to the environment, and is very vulnerable to issues that could contribute to one's death-- including medical illness and brain injury. Adults aren't usually given smell tests but the scientists say they hope doctors will consider giving a smell test as part of their regular exams.

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