Mother's know that they will ALWAYS be your mom but they may not remember all of the little details along the way many years down the road.   By way of reminder for them and by way of "warning" for new moms to be, Woman's Day magazine presents a survey of new mom challenges

What was /is the most challenging stage of your child's life for you as a mom?
--When they were teenagers: 31 percent
--Infancy --4 am feedings and colic: 25 percent
--The terrible twos: 22 percent
--The tween years: 17 percent
--Adulthood: 5 percent

It's not all cranky kids and no sleep! There are many magnificent memories to be made as well!

What stage was /is the most enjoyable?
--Ages 1 to 3, full of first steps and big accomplishments: 39 percent
--Infancy --I miss those tiny hands and feet: 34 percent
--The tween years, the first time we could talk about things besides Barney: 13 percent
--When they were teenagers, and I could see who they were becoming: 7 percent
--Adulthood: 7 percent

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