Here’s another example of how wide is the gap between apple country and the Big Apple.  Back in the day (in my late 30’s to mid 40’s) there were a number of places where you could (and I did) go dancing.  Country music, rock music, pop music all was available in Yakima.  Times and habits change and it’s a lot more difficult to find  live music today but you can find it from time to time.

People in New York City however haven’t been legally able to kick up their heels and dance in bars  since 1926!  At long last that’s changing.

NY City Council voted 41-1 yesterday to give a Halloween treat and repeal a 91-year-old law banning dancing in bars. Who knew the big apple had its own Footloose franchise!

Up until now, in order to legally allow dancing, New York City nightspots have had to go through a difficult process to get a cabaret license.  How difficult? Less than 100 of the city's 25,000 eating and drinking establishments have one.

Interestingly, critics charge the 1926 law had racist origins serving as an attempt to police the 1920s jazz clubs in Harlem. Mayor Bill de Blasio has said he supports the law and will sign it.  Maybe the Mayor has a few dance moves of his own to share?


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