The Best Washington State City for Families Is Not Yakima - Yet

A recent survey said that one of Washington state's biggest cities came in at #7 for being the best place in America to raise a family. That city is not Yakima- yet! We'll get there someday, I have a feeling. There is so much to love about Yakima when it comes to raising a family. We're not counting crime rates and lack of Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, mind you, ha!

This survey was taken by Wallethub back in 2020, so take it with a grain of salt. Here is the updated version. The survey looked at things like places for families to have a lot of fun and I get it, you can't compare to Seattle when it comes to big city things to do. I love taking my 11-year-old daughter Willow to Seattle because she "oohs" and "ahhs" over the Uwajimaya superstore because of her obsession with all things J-pop and K-pop.

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I love going there because the Ikea store is right past the Seattle city limits in Renton. I also love hanging out in Pike Place Market. We don't have anything in Yakima that can compare to either one of those things but I tell you what! We do have wonderful things for families that Seattle doesn't--like SUNSHINE most of the time! We also have that small-town feel that you can't get sitting in Seattle-area traffic!

Yakima is also way more affordable to dwell in than Seattle, so I'm guessing the people that took this survey and placed Seattle amongst the top of the heap are those with high family incomes!

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