The latest installment into the Dc movie universe comes to us from director Matt Reeves, known for his deep dive into storytelling and captivating cinematography. He stapled his name in Hollywood with his Planet Of The Apes, now he's tackled The Batman.

Lucky individuals and critics have been able to see early screenings of the movie and the reviews are in.

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From IGN - "The Batman writer/director Matt Reeves managed to make a Batman movie that's entirely different from the others in the live-action canon, yet surprisingly loyal to Gotham lore as a whole." 10/10

Everyone who has seen this movie has deemed it the best Batman movie and Robert Pattinson the best Batman ever. So now you're asking yourself, "Where do I see it?" Lucky for you, we have the answer.

4.) Century Theaters in Federal Way

Century Theaters is right in the heart of the Commons Mall in Federal way (Formally known as Sea-Tac Mall) is one of the better theaters in Western Washington. With recliner seats, wide spaces, and no visual obstructions possible from other patrons this theatre was built for the best movie experience. To further back it up they've dedicated all 16 theaters to showing The Batman set on March 4th so everyone can watch at their own convenience.

Century Theaters, Federal Way

3.) Regal Thorton Imax in Seattle

A two-story movie theater that sits in Seattle is known as a go-to spot when you're in the city to go experience a movie with huge Imax screens and the latest in Dolby Atmos Theaters the latest in audio technology. This theater makes you feel like a fly on the wall for every movie you watch, you feel as if you're really there.

Seattle's Regal Thorton 

2.) Yakima Cinemas

Yakima Cinemas is a great place to go and enjoy movies with the whole family, with plenty of theaters showing The Batman and all the great qualities most theaters should strive to have these days, Yakima Cinemas is the perfect place to go enjoy the movie with family, and friends!

Yakima Cinemas 

1.) Orion Cinemas, Yakima

The only theater you should strive to see The Batman at, granted it's 21 and up to be able to enjoy this theater but it's well worth it. With food, drinks served right to your seat, custom dinners to fit your movie experience, and alcoholic beverages available at the press of a button. You'll be fully immersed in your viewing experience and beyond satisfied by the time you walk out of the theater. This is my number one theater for a reason.

Orion Cinemas, Yakima

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