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This year the extended family Thanksgiving dinner is at my house.  The aroma of great food, the laughter of kids and the minor sigh of relief from my wallet.

The American Farm Bureau Federation says the average cost for a Thanksgiving Day feast for ten this year is $49.87, a 24-cent decrease from last year's average cost of $50.11.

The cost of a traditional feast, which includes turkey, vegetables and pumpkin pie, comes out to less than $5 per person, with a 16-pound turkey averaging $22.74.

Overall, that's $1.42 per pound of meat, two cents less than it cost in 2015. Turkeys, pumpkin pie mix, milk, butter, and flour all decreased in price, while brown-and-serve rolls, green beans, fresh cranberries and fresh sweet potatoes all increased in price this year according to reports from UPI.