How Many Giant Killer Hornets Have Been Captured In Washington State?

A few months back we reported the threat of invasive species in Washington State including what's been labeled as the Asian Killer Hornet.

Washington State Department Of Agriculture Sets Traps For Asian Giant Hornets
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The Northern Giant Hornet Is An Invasive Species In Washington State

There's been a lot of concern in the Pacific Northwest about the hornets which were renamed the Northern Giant Hornet last year making an appearance in Washington State.

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So what is the status of the Northern Giant Hornets?

credit: US department of AG
credit: US department of AG

Where Have The Northern Giant Hornets Been Spotted In Washington State?

In a recent article from KIRO 7, it appears that the Washington State Department of Agriculture has reported that the traps that were set up over the summer didn't net ONE hornet.

Karla Salp
Karla Salp

WSDA set up 960 giant hornet traps and 373 volunteer traps over the summer and the traps failed to attract the killer hornets.

According to the article, many hornets were found last summer but none were found or captured as of this year.

Researchers believe the hornets might've been eradicated but will keep up the traps for the next three years.

Does it mean we've seen the last of the killer hornets? I guess only time will tell.

You can read more about the hornets here

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