Now that the City of Yakima has voted to purchase four abandoned Tiger Mart sites around town to clean them up and re-sell them to developers, what would you like to see located at those sites?

After years of neglect and legal problems, four sites in Yakima that used to be home to gas station/mini marts have been purchased by the City of Yakima. With cooperation from the Department of Ecology, those properties will now be cleaned up and sold to developers. Since the sites are all located in prime retail locations, resale and development should not be a problem.

The question is, what would you like to see go in at those locations? Keep in mind, it would not be the city doing the development, but by a private developer after the properties are sold by the city.

It seems that the sky is the limit for the possibilities. The sites are located at 56th and Summtview, 24th and Nob Hill, on East Nob Hill and on North First Street.

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