There is a lot of confusing information out there about divorce.  Some say one out of two first marriages fail, while 60+% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages won’t last.  So much for learning from your mistakes!

While the numbers may be difficult to pin down there is an indicator about which marriages might have the greatest obstacle to success and her name is Emma…or Sophia or Jenn or Amber or… The names doesn’t matter but what does is the fact that she is the first born teenage daughter.

Raising any teen is stressful but new data suggests raising a teenage girl puts the most stress on a marriage.

The Daily Mail reports on researchers from the Netherlands and Australia who analyzed data and found divorce risk increases with children’s ages until they reach adulthood and that parents of teenage daughters face the highest risk.

However, that heightened risk disappears if the father himself grew up with a sister.

It’s believed the higher divorce rates are “explained by strains in the relationships between some parents and their teenage daughters, possibly stemming from differences in attitudes toward gender roles and that’s where being around a sister growing up can help men prepare for all that comes with having a girl!

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