30 minutes.  That's all you need to invest of your time.  Spend just 30 minutes and you will know all you need to know about why the government is failing the American people.

Attorney General Bill Barr is testifying before the House of Representative's Judiciary Committee. It's more than ridiculous, it's an offense.

The venom, the hatred, the lies and misrepresentation on display by House Democrats is stifling.  The disrespect, the political games and the orchestrated show put on for each other and the television cameras should infuriate everyone of us.

For the record, here are the members of the Judiciary Committee.

It's one thing to have a difference of opinion, to believe in a different path or philosophy, even to work to achieve a different outcome but it is quite something else to intentionally lie, interrupt, mischaracterize and insult an individual called before the committee to answer questions about important issues facing the country.

Gone is any resemblance of professionalism, honor, integrity, statesmanship or any of the qualities and characteristics we should expect from our elected representatives.

The more I watch the more angry I become.  As Rep. Jim Jordan said to Chairman Jerry Nadler, paraphrased, you have been asking for months for the Attorney General to appear before this committee, and now that he's here you won't even let him answer the questions? But the height of hypocrisy and depth of arrogance, following 4+ hours of rudeness and interruption, insult and grandstanding, one Democrat Representative actually had the nerve to say to A.G. Barr, as he was trying to get a second from the berating to answer a question, that she was surprised at Barr's apparent lack of respect for a member of congress!

The whole show was a lack of respect to the Attorney General, the Congress and the people who sent them there.

If you didn't see it on your own, I don't want to  be the one to subject you to the entire thing.  Yet at the same, everyone should see it to see how unrecognizable the process of "working for the American people" has become.  Here's a taste.

Washington State was represented in what was described as "a heated exchange " between A.G. Barr and Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) about the Justice Department's responses to various protests.  Jayapal confuses Barr's responsibility as extending to  all protests but Barr tried to explain that his statutory responsibility was for Federal buildings and concerns.  Rep. Jayapal  went off on Barr for having the temerity to try to explain the difference.   Jayapal wouldn't allow it in classic liberal style.

And please believe me when I say the other Democrat members of the committee were ten times worse in their arrogance and behavior.

How can any president or person overcome the kind of divide that results in what we saw on television today?

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