Heritage University has some summer school work for area teachers to help them better understand how students learn.

A news release from Heritage announces the Summer Institute Neuroscience of Learning at Heritage University July 15-19.

"In this immersive course, a framework and foundation in evidence-based Neuroscience is taught that empowers ....with insight into the science behind how children learn and will be given practical and proven skills to identify and re-engage students."

 Kieran O’Mahony, Ph.D. is a learning sciences fellow with the University of Washington College of Education. She says. "Education in America has stagnated, as efforts to raise education levels during the last 50 years have gone nowhere..... we can positively affect our education deficiencies by giving teachers tools and practices that align with how the brain works and how children learn.”

Heritage University will host the basic summer institute during the week of July 15-19. Participants will learn how to create a stress-free classroom, eliminate disciplinary referrals, increase academic performance and help students self-engage with voice and agency. The Basic Institute cost is normally $995, but with every teacher being sponsored at 90%, the final cost is $99.50, and those who complete the week will earn 35 clock hours.

To register for the Summer Institute Neuroscience of Learning, visit Neuraleducation.org. For more information, contact David Mance at (509) 865-0731 or mance_d@heritage.edu.

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