Ag News: Romaine Task Force
The final report from the Romaine Task Force, started in the wake of several outbreaks traced to the lettuce, is far from over, but recommendations could come by December.
Monsanto Merger a No Go; Canadian Poultry Ban Lifted
Monsanto announced Wednesday that they are no longer pursuing the current proposal for Syngenta. In a news release, Monsanto announced Syngenta said Monsanto’s enhanced proposal did not meet financial expectations. Monsanto will continue its focus on opportunities within its existing core business a…
University of Edinburgh Found Protection From East Coast Fever
Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have found cows are protected from a parasite that causes a deadly disease - East Coast Fever - if they've previously been infected with a closely-related yet milder species of the parasite. After tracking 500 Kenyan calves from birth to age 1 - researche…

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