speed limit

Want to Change Speed Limits in Yakima?
Does traffic move too slow -- or maybe too fast -- on any of the streets you travel? Want to the speed limits changed anywhere?
For me it's Summitview Avenue. I think the limit should be raised from 30 mph to 35 mph on Summitview, starting at South 32nd Avenue as you head west...
Montana to Raise Speed Limit to 80 MPH on Some Highways
I lived in Montana and Wyoming when there was no speed limit. I was pulled over in my awesome Ford Thunderbird. I was doing 135 mph, but an officer pulled me over for having a taillight out. Dang! I miss those days. Well, they're kind of coming back again ... just not in Washington!
WSDOT Continues Pass Clean Up, Expect Traffic Delays
In late August, crews blasted an area near the snowshed that brought down a huge amount of debris that covered both lanes, took 40 dump trucks to remove and kept Interstate 90 over Snoqualmie Pass closed for almost three hours. Crews are back in the same area this week and face similar challenges...