Reuse And Recycle That Wrapping Paper
Yakima Police say if you received or purchased a big ticket item like a new big screen tv or computer, don't leave the empty box on the curb with the rest of your garbage and recycling to be picked up. They say that's just a big advertisement for thieves to break into your home.
Yakima to Test Curbside Recycling Program
Yakima is preparing to test a pilot curbside recycling program after its citizen survey results showed most people in town were in favor of such a program. About 1,000 homes will be selected to a part of the pilot program. Each of those homes will be given plastic recycle bags to fill over a 12-week…
Learn Some Great Ways to Recycle on America Recycle Day
Friday is America Recycles Day and the coordinator of the Yakima County Solid Waste program is welcoming Jim Evanoff, the environmental specialist at Yellowstone National Park. He will speak about how the park has implemented a recycling program that has made a significant difference in the park...