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Ag News: Net Farm Income Higher
The USDA Economic Research Service updated their net farm income forecast for 2019, now expects net farm income to increase $4.0 billion or 4.8% from 2018 to $88 billion.
Ag News: Chickens Attack Fox
Nothing “chicken” about these French fowl.That’s the feeling after a hungry fox snuck into a chicken coop in France and got a lot more than it bargained for.
U.S. Dairy Leads Exports Surge and Farm Income Down Again
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is expecting exports to grow to more than $1 billion in 2017 with dairy making up a big chunk of the growth.
The latest USDA export projections look for dairy to grow by $500 million to $5.3 billion.
Other dairy-exporting countries are expecting to reduce their outpu…
Record Membership In FFA
Last Friday the National FFA Organization announced that they have a record student membership of 649,355, up from 629,367 in 2015 an increase of 3 percent. The number of FFA chapters grew from 7,757 to 7,859. The top six student membership states are Texas, California, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio and M…
Net Farm Income To Fall By More Than 10 Billion in 2016
Hog prices have collapsed to levels far below break-even reports Purdue Economist. There is worry that there are more hogs headed to market this fall than available packing capacity, and the latest USDA inventory indicates there are more hogs than had been anticipated...