How Wapato High School Students Are Helping NASA [VIDEO]
Hey it's Jacksonian from the Smithsonian. Just the other week,  I took a trip back to my alma mater of Wapato High School. Back when I was walking those hallowed halls. The teachers always told us to dream big and reach for the stars! ( evidently, I did more dreaming than reaching...
Nasa Gives Thumbs Up on New Mars Movie
HOUSTON (AP) — The new movie "The Martian" is getting a thumbs-up from real-life NASA engineers. In the film, Matt Damon plays an astronaut accidentally stranded on the Red Planet. Ellen Ochoa is the director of the Johnson Space Center and a former astronaut...
The Strongest El Nino; NASA and USDA Expand Partnership
El Nino has strengthened steadily during the past month, approaching the “strong category”. El Nino is so strong this go round that it could wind up be the strongest El Nino event in 50 years. El Nino rarely peeks in the summer months, making it possible to see it last th…
Amazing Images from Space by NASA
Even though the space shuttle program is over, and the United States now relies on Russia to get American astronauts to the International Space Station, it doesn't mean that NASA is not still exploring the cosmos.

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