milk production

Ag News: Milk Markets Rally
Milk markets have been rallying to the upside lately. As of a week ago Friday contracts in August, September, October and November were all trading over $17 per hundred weight.
Ag News: Ag Labor Wages Up
Produce companies are competing for scarce talent in a tight economy, and that translates to better benefits and higher compensation than a few years ago.
Ag News: Dec. USDA Milk Reports
The USDA has released their December milk production reports, delayed by the 35-day government shutdown in December and January. Cow numbers dropped again in December.
Ag News: Milk Supply Outpaces Demand
Despite slow milk production growth around the world, supply will likely outpace demand in 2019. Trade issues and the strength of the U.S. dollar are inhibiting export growth for American milk.

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