**Older people with diets heavy in flavonols, antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables and tea, may be less prone to develop Alzheimer’s.

That’s according to a study, found in neurology.org, conducted among 921 participants of the Rush Memory and Aging Project.

thepacker.com reports, the study also found those with the highest intake of flavonols had higher levels of education, and physical and cognitive activities.

Bottom line, dietary intakes of flavonols were inversely associated with Alzheimer dementia in models adjusted for age, sex, and education.

**President Trump’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2021 has the National Farmers Union a bit concerned.

As in years past, the proposal would make steep cuts to farm, food, and rural development programs while providing additional funding for defense initiatives.

Though Congress is unlikely to pass all of the President's recommendations, the NFU says the budget is a good indication of the administration's priorities.

The USDA would receive 8 percent less in discretionary funding and $57.7 billion less in mandatory funding by 2030.

**New research in the Journal of Dairy Science finds the climate footprint of milk production in California shrank dramatically between 1964 and 2014.

This is attributed to improved nutrition and more efficient use of water, among other factors.

One San Joaquin Valley dairy farmer says although there's still work to do, the numbers show dairies have come a long way.

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