Ag News: Ag Census Deadlines
**The USDA says the time has come to respond to both the 2019 Census of Horticultural Specialties and the 2019 Organic Survey.
The USDA is asking those who receive questionnaires to respond quickly AND “online if possible.”
USDA National Ag Statistics Administrator Hubert H…
Ag News: USMCA Progress Made
U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement working group is getting closer to an agreement,on issues relating to the environment, enforcement, access to medicines and labor.
Oil Pipeline Opponents Try Going After the Money
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Opposition to the four-state Dakota Access oil pipeline has boosted efforts to persuade banks to stop supporting projects that might harm the environment or tread on indigenous rights.
But calling the divest movement a success might be a stretch...
Environmentalists Warn About Trump Puget Sound Budget
SEATTLE (AP) — State officials, environmental advocates and others are warning of dire environmental and economic consequences if President Donald Trump's cuts to Puget Sound and other environmental programs go through as proposed.
The Environmental Protection Agency's funding for Puget Sound — about…
AGs Want Pruitt to Change EPA and 2018 Election Taking Shape
**Federal agencies that regulate biotechnology may NOT have the staffing and expertise to handle the plethora of new products expected over the next five to 10 years.
According to a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the EPA, FDA, USDA will need to be prepa…
Retracting Regulations; Beef & Pork Trade with Japan
President Donald Trump is soon expected to begin signing a growing stack of fast-tracked legislation aimed at eliminating many Obama administration rules and regulations.
Trump’s commitment to slashing federal regulations, particularly those dealing with energy and the environment, is…
Cuban Embargo and a New Pasture Clover
The president of an advocacy group lobbying to end the embargo on Cuba says he’s optimistic about working with the Trump administration.
James Williams with Engage Cuba says the President-elect was elected by Rural Americans, many of whom have strong ties to the agricultural community…

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