Ag News: New Wasp & BMSB
A pest might have met its match. Oregon State University entomologist looks at the soil-nesting wasp. It could be a potential biological control for BMSB.
Ag News: MPP Dairy Enrollment
A newly overhauled MPP, which should provide better payments to dairy farms. USDA and FDA programs will receive about $23.3 billion in discretionary spending.
China on GMO Seeds; Perdue on USDA Cuts
**A recently announced agreement between the U.S. and China has been hailed as a huge win for U.S. beef because China promised to follow through on a longstanding commitment to open its market to U.S. imports.
But just as important to companies seeking to commercialize genetically modified seeds was …
Net Farm Income To Fall By More Than 10 Billion in 2016
Hog prices have collapsed to levels far below break-even reports Purdue Economist. There is worry that there are more hogs headed to market this fall than available packing capacity, and the latest USDA inventory indicates there are more hogs than had been anticipated...